Diumenge, 23 de Novembre de 2014


Grup de Recerca en Teledetecció


The Remote Sensing Research Group is organized in three lines, Active Microwave Remote Sensing, Passive Microwave Remote Sensing, and Optical Remote Sensing, each one with their own staff and resources.

Research Areas

  • SAR processing
  • SAR Interferometry
  • SAR Polarimetry
  • Scatterometer
  • Synthetic aperture radiometryrslab2
  • Interferometric radiometry
  • Polarimetric radiometry
  • Elastic/Raman/Doppler LIDAR (laser radar) atmospheric sensing
  • LIDAR processing and inversion
  • LIDAR instrument design

Main Contacts

Adriano Camps
Jordi Mallorquí
Francesc Rocadenbosch

rslab3More information

Remote Sensing Research Group web site

Active Microwave Remote Sensing Group

Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Group

Optical Remote Sensing Group